The process for Stained Glass commissions is as follows, assessing site, discussing ideas with the client, the design process, cutting and assembling glass and finally installation. These are covered in more detail in the Stained Glass Construction Page.

Stained Glass Artworks for sale

From time to time artworks that are produced will be available for sale. These will be noted in the Stained Glass Gallery page. These are purely one off pieces that are not commissions and most often portable and can be hung from a fine cable or chain in front of an existing window. Viewing these artworks are most welcome and by arrangement with Peter. See contact list on the Home page.

Design Only Service

A unique service offered by Peter Op’t Land Stained Glass is for design only. This can be for other businesses or individuals who want to make their own Stained Glass piece. Often people are very good at the technique of making Stained Glass but restricted by simplistic designs from mass produced books. So this service is for something more personalised, artistic, and challenging and will be a one off piece at its completion.


To perform a quote there is a small fee required to cover for time spent and any additional travel to outside the Sydney metro area. Quoting for Stained Glass is somewhat complex due to the many variables in producing an individual hand made artwork. Firstly the site needs to be visited and assessed, and then ideas need to be discussed as to subject matter which also determines complexity of the piece. Other factors considered in the quote are type of glass to be used, distance of travel to and from site and ease or difficulty of installation.

Summary of Payment Schedule:

Payment of Commission work:
10% after acceptance of a quote, 40% after full scale design is drawn and accepted, balance of 50% paid at installation of finished artwork.
Payment of Design Only Service:
25% after acceptance of quote, balance of 75% at completion of design and full scale drawings
Artworks for Sale are to be paid in full

Permanently fixed or Portable Stained Glass?

One thing that is very restrictive with Stained Glass windows are that they are fixed permanently once installed into a building. Whilst this is very suitable for a particular space, I like to make portable Stained Glass pieces as well. About half of the artworks in my Gallery page are portable. They come with a solid wooden or metal frame and attachments which allow them to be hung in front of an existing window. This way they can be moved from one room to another or from house to house just like a painting.